Monthly Archives: April 2010

Deload Week

My deload week has now started so all I will do for the next 7 days is some metcon work. That started last night with the following workout:

row 250m
21 strict press@50% 1rm (for me this is 32.5kgs)
row 500m
15 strict press
row 750m
9 strict press

This workout served to further reinforce my love/hate relationship with the rowing machine. By God it’s a wonderful conditioning tool, but by God it can inflict such pain!

The presses were not really too much of a problem. I split the first two rounds into two sets and did the last set of 9 straight, but the rower was just brutal. I tried to maintain a sub 1:40/500m pace which I just about managed for the 250m and 500m sprints, but I seriously fell off on the 750m effort. I thought I was going to expire at the 500m mark  but somehow managed to find a second wind to finish the whole shebang in 8:46.

I wanted to add a quick word today on bodyweight. As strength is currently my primary goal, I have been trying to add some body mass and therefore been eating to support this goal.

I weighed in at 86.5 kilos (I am 190cm, or 6-3 tall) at the end of January and yesterday I was 92.5kgs for a solid gain of 6 kilos. I don’t have a specific plan in terms of calorie intake but I am following a paleo diet with milk approach with 1 or 2 cheat meals per week.

I basically stuff my face with paleo food throughout the day and add 0.5litres of milk on non-training days and 1 litre on training days. I was drinking only  raw milk (which I love), but it is a bit of pain the arse to get so recently I have been going with pasteurised.

A typical day at the moment looks something like this:

breakfast: 4 eggs, 5 rashers of bacon, 1 avocado, large glass of milk
morning snack: 200ml coconut milk, 1 apple, 3 boiled eggs
lunch: spinach salad with plenty of veggies and 1 protein source (usually salmon)
afternoon snack: 200ml coconut milk, 1 apple, 3 boiled eggs
dinner: some type of meat and veggie combo

It seems to be working pretty well in that I have added weight. One of my original goals was to add weight while trying to maintain my six-pack, until I was kindly reminded by my girlfriend that I don’t have, or indeed have never had a six-pack.

All joking aside, I don’t want to get too fat during this process. I tend to store all my fat around the middle and have already gone from a 91-95cm waist. If I get close to the 100cm mark, I think it may be time to re-evaluate, but other than that I would love to get up to 100kgs.