Monthly Archives: March 2010

Channeling my inner Macgyver

We had a really quiet day at the gym this morning, so I had some time on my hands and decided to train and then head outside for a short metcon.

We are really lucky with the location of our gym. It is not in a totally industrial zone as there is a school next door to us and two private apartments in the same building. However, there is a huge construction company behind us, a couple of metalwork places next door and a large warehouse on the ground floor of our building. That means that there are usually some odd implements lying around, and we are also fortunate to have a fairly large space outside to train.

I was rooting around outside this morning and found s0me really cool scaffolding pipes. They were about 3 metres long, much thicker than a conventional barbell (and therefore harder to grip) and probably weighed 20 kilos or so. They were also slightly heavier on one side which made them more difficult to balance.

We have some tyres outside which we sometimes use for flipping, but I wanted to do some dragging. We have a harness and I was able to hook it up to one of the smaller tyres with a short rope.

Finally there are also a bunch of big stones piled up outside the building. I have absolutely no idea what they are for, but I found one which weighs around 25 kilos and was perfect for carrying.

I had already deadlifted heavy for my main workout, so I wanted to do a 5-6 minute metcon as a finisher. I decided on the following:

10 scaffolding clean and press
100m tyre drag
10 scaffolding clean and press
200m stone carry
10 scaffolding clean and press
Time: 6:25

It was a super fun workout and I love training with different implements. The clean and press with the scaffolding was very cool. It was not heavy, just awkward to press out. Plus the grip was a real factor, especially on the last set which I had to break into 6 and then 4 reps.

The tyre drag was much harder than I expected. We have an incline slope outside the building and, unsurprisingly, going down was not a problem. Going up was a different matter and quite tough. The harness really constricted my chest and was quite uncomfortable. I started off taking big steps but it was too hard to generate momentum between strides, so I opted for small, quicker steps.

The stone carry was also quite challenging. My goal was to complete the course around the building without dropping it. I almost made it, but had to stop for a few seconds because my biceps were burning so badly.