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Weekend Fun

I’m just getting over what proved to be a pretty busy weekend.

I wrote a few days ago about Blair Morrison, one of CrossFit’s top athletes (7th in the 2009 CrossFit Games), who is studying in the Netherlands and visiting CrossFit boxes all over Europe.

It was CrossFit Léman’s turn this weekend and Blair came over from CrossFit Basel on Saturday night to take part in our Sunday morning session at 08:30. I was actually alone  as Olga and Euan were away at the CrossFit cert in Milan (congrats Olga for completing your level 1!) and to be honest I was a bit nervous about Blair’s visit.

This is a guy who has competed at a pretty high level in different sports (he played American Football in college at Princeton) and was a personal trainer for three years in Washington DC. What would he think of our operation in Switzerland, how would we stack up against the others in terms of coaching, programming and facilities? We have never had somebody as advanced as Blair in the gym before, so creating a workout to challenge him was going to be tough.

Of course it turned out that Blair is laid back, charming and pretty much a pleasure to be around. He participated in our 08:30 class and even chipped in on the coaching front, leading a session with four of youngest members at our 10:30 class while I coached their parents.

He also inspired me to come up with our first real foray into training in the open air as he wanted to take advantage of Switzerland’s famous landscape and scenery.

Our location lends itself extremely well to training outside. We have a river running alongside the building with a really nice trail, and because we are situated on the first floor, we have an outside set of stairs and landing that can be incorporated into our WODs. We also have some old tires that we picked up recently so it was nice to get the chance to add some tire flipping to the equation.

Here is a video of the workout.

It’s funny that sometimes we complain that the fitness facilites in Switzerland are really lacking and good gyms are very hard to come by. That is absolutely true, but if you just open your eyes and look at the natural facilities on offer, the possibilities are endless and those of us that live here are truly fortunate.

I took Blair for a little drive through the Jura on the way home and as a particular outdoor training afficionado, he was really inspired by what he saw. There is the Roman road (imagine doing a 5km run up there to the top of the Jura?!?) or the numerous craggy mountain sides which are perfect for novices to safely climb (ten25 metre ascents for time?) as well as all manner of odd shaped rocks which can be used instead of barbells and branches for pull-ups, dips, muscle-ups etc. And that’s not even to mention the lake! I can’t wait for the summer when we can bring some toys down to the lake and incorporate swimming into our sessions.

So while it is nice to go to the gym and train, I think everyone would benefit from getting outside whenever possible. We had a blast with Sunday’s WOD and I would really like to do more training in the open air whenever possible.

Just a quick update with regards to my diet/fat loss. As previously mentioned I had a high carb day on Saturday, which consisted of bread, oatmeal, pancakes, iced tea, chocolate milk, ice cream, chocolate and all sorts of other goodies. I weighed myself on Sunday morning and I was 88.2kgs, so up 1 kilo on Saturday.

Since Sunday I have been back on the diet and hopefully by Wednesday my weight will have dropped again and fat loss will be back on track.